We seek to strengthen the Wantagh High School Lacrosse program by providing a competitive venue for Wantagh lacrosse players who desire to play and compete at a high level. We seek to create a place where your children can learn life lessons along with l

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Affordable Equipment
We've teamed up with SidelineSwap.com, an online marketplace where players and parents can buy, sell, and trade new and lightly used lacrosse gear. You can easily find items for sale from other Wantagh Tribe members by simply searching WantaghTribe" on sidelineswap.com, and you can upload items to sell on your local hub by using the #WantaghTribe hashtag in your item description.
SidelineSwap currently has over 10,000 lacrosse products listed for sale from other players across the county -- many for more than a 50% discount compared to retail prices. Overall, it's a great place to look if you're in the market for a lightly used stick or other piece of equipment.
SidelineSwap is alternate marketplace to sell and purchase new/used equipment. They offer a guarantee of the product being sold or bought and do not process the transaction until the buying party is satisfied. We personally know the founders of SidelineSwap and reccomend the company highly. This is a great place for parents to find perfectly good equipment at a cheaper price knowing that their child will grow out of their current equipment shortly. It is also an excellent place for parents of beginner players who are weary about spending a lot of money on new equipment before their child has even played. In addition if you have used equipment lying around the house that your child has grown out of, you can easily post his old equipment online and receive some of your investment back. If this is something that interests you please click the link below to get started.